REPEAT/Amkor Technology Announces New Platform Decreases Test Times for RF Components

CHANDLER, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 2001--A new test platform for radio frequency devices that is capable of dramatically reducing test times for RF components, some as much as 80 percent, has been developed by Amkor Technology (Nasdaq - AMKR).

The platform consists of proprietary software that optimizes standard industry instrumentation systems for faster results. RF testing for dual band power amplifiers (PA) on a typical ATE tester, for example, can take as long as 1.8 seconds. PAs can be tested on Amkor's new test platform in as fast as 470 milliseconds (ms). Low noise amplifiers (LNA), which normally takes up to 1.3 seconds to test on typical ATE testers, can be tested as fast as 170 ms. In addition to the reduced test time, the capital cost of the new system is significantly less than competing solutions available today.

"We are committed to offering our customers the lowest possible cost of test and this system dramatically accomplishes that for these very cost sensitive devices. In some cases, the combination of faster test times and reduced capital costs can reduce the test price by 80 percent or more," said Joe Holt, vice president of Amkor's Worldwide Test Services group.

Amkor will use the system exclusively for testing its customer's products. This test system will not be sold commercially.

In addition to testing LNAs and PAs, this new test platform also is ideally suited to do high volume testing of mixers, RF switches, phase locked loops and voltage controlled oscillators. The market for all wireless and mobile communications devices, including base stations and switching equipment, is expected to nearly double by 2004, (2001: $32.7 bil.; 2004: $60.3 bil.) according to industry analyst IC Insights, Inc.

Amkor Technology provides a full range of test development and high volume production services across virtually all semiconductor technologies and has test development centers in San Jose, Calif., Wichita, Kan., Chandler, Ariz., Korea, Japan and the Philippines, with future expansion planned in China and Taiwan.

About Amkor Technology: Amkor Technology, Inc. is the world's largest provider of contract microelectronics manufacturing solutions. The company offers semiconductor companies and electronics OEMs a complete set of microelectronic design and manufacturing services, including deep sub-micron wafer fabrication; wafer probe, wafer mapping, characterization and reliability testing; IC packaging design and assembly; multi-chip module design and assembly; and final testing. More information on Amkor is available from the company's SEC filings and on Amkor's web site:


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